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My Three Words for 2013

Thank you, Chris Brogan, for your recent blog post. I can now finally scrape away the cobwebs from my holiday haze (“holidaze” as I like to call it) and get on with 2013. I’ve been having a hard time making any New Year Resolutions. It seems that those are just made to be broken. I like […]

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Let’s Not Be Friends

It happened again, this morning. I received a Facebook friend request from a business. Because the notice came from someone I knew personally, I took the time to send her a short message about how to set up a Facebook business page. And then, I had to stop what I was doing and write this […]

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Social Media & “Authentic” PPC

Let me state up front that this article is not about pay per click advertising, but rather the power of being authentic in your marketing efforts. What follows is a funny story involving those words (pay per click) that illustrates authenticity. I was working at an ad agency several years ago and helped a client […]

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Slow & Steady Wins the Race

An unexpected visitor showed up in our garden this afternoon…what a nice surprise! So I added “turtle watching” to my list of weekend activities and started thinking about the tortoise and the hare. Does slow and steady really win the race?   Branding Most brands are built over time with steady, consistent branding that accurately […]

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The Intangible Gift

I just sent a message to all of my “single mother” friends on Twitter to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day and felt compelled to write a short piece about my best friend and a Mother’s Day years ago. On this particular Mother’s Day, my friend wanted to make sure that my young children had […]

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I’m Not an Expert

I’m not. It’s that simple. I’m also not an authority, a guru, a maven, a diva (my husband might argue with that one) or a queen. Hubby brings me coffee every morning, which helps keep my “princess” fantasy alive, but I know I’m not really one. I’ll never be a ninja, a wizard, or a […]

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