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Diamond tiara

A PR Lesson from Miss America

I admit it. I watched the Miss America pageant. I also admit that I started another article titled, “Bedazzle Your Brand,” but I decided to punt on that one. I found a great PR lesson in Miss New York’s win. She has beauty, talent (which was certainly questionable with a few of the other contestants) […]

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Telemarketing Smoke & Mirrors

Have you ever attended a webinar? They can be a great educational tool. I participated in a webinar last week and when I registered, I gave my email address and my phone number, which is standard procedure. (Sponsoring a webinar can be a good lead generation activity for businesses.) It’s important to note that my […]

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I’m Not an Expert

I’m not. It’s that simple. I’m also not an authority, a guru, a maven, a diva (my husband might argue with that one) or a queen. Hubby brings me coffee every morning, which helps keep my “princess” fantasy alive, but I know I’m not really one. I’ll never be a ninja, a wizard, or a […]

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