I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication-Public Relations and after a career spanning PR, media sales, event management, magazine publishing and advertising, I’ve gone back to my PR roots. The focus is on building relationships with key stakeholders and generating compelling content, which is right up my alley. My background in advertising, with a focus on strategic branding and creative development, gives me a unique perspective. It allows me to integrate social media strategies with a company’s existing marketing to effectively communicate their messages. It’s still about strategic communications and mutually beneficial relationships…only the platforms and tools have changed. SocialK Communications can help build and facilitate those relationships, bringing a human voice to brands.

Most embarrassing moment: Tripping over a chair leg in the middle of an agency pitch. Saved myself from hitting the floor with much awkward arm waving. Lesson: “Mules” were meant to be pack animals, not shoes. (We did not win the account, by the way.)

Best promotion ever: Grand opening event for an out-of-state regional wireless carrier. Concept development, planning and on-site coordination of two-day event with live appearances by HGTV celebrities (Trading Spaces show) Doug Wilson and Ty Pennington. Lesson: Long distance planning has its challenges. (Doug Wilson was much cuter in person than on TV.)

Awards: Addy Awards for radio production, magazine design direction, creative direction and copywriting for print and web; American Advertising Federation-North Alabama’s Silver Medal Award for contributions to the advertising community. (I have yet to win my most coveted award…Mother of the Year.)


What helps people, helps business.” – Leo Burnett