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The geek in me loves this. Yes, there’s no doubt about which side of my brain is in control, but I love a good scientific approach every now and then. One of my Twitter friends shared this (thank you, Gary!) and since the author was kind enough to supply the embed code, I had to share it here. Since I just did a session on content at a local social media conference, I thought this might be interesting to some of the people who attended. The creator, Chris Lake, makes it clear in his post introducing the Periodic Table of Content Marketing, that this was his first stab and that he designed it the day after a wine tasting event. I’m impressed! I love his comment, “I will probably edit this post at least 10 times after publishing it…” Sound familiar?

I think that the table is really good food for thought; especially the “sharing triggers.” Personally, I tend to lean toward the Ig (Illuminating) and the Zg (Zeitgeist)…with a bit of Co (Cool) and Fu (Funny). I was glad to see Tv (Tone of voice) and Gd (Brand guidelines) on his checklist. I would add podcasts to the content types and perhaps whitepapers as well, and agree with Chris that some elements could live in multiple categories. Finally, I’m wondering if there is a place for curated content or if he assumes that some of the content types could be created or curated? Let me know what you think and feel free to share with your geeky, social friends!


The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


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