Blogging Jitters Holding You Back?

Let’s talk about the blogging jitters. Here’s what it recently looked like for me. My heart beat a little faster and my palms were starting to sweat. I went to hit the “publish” button and then swerved to the “save draft” button. Sound like a familiar scenario? If you’re a  blogger, it may. Let me first […]

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Don’t Force Employee Advocacy

Should employees be “required” to promote their company or organization through social media? What Gets Shared? To answer this question, I first thought about content that I promote through my social media accounts. Do I share every post on each of my clients’ streams? No. I purposefully only share information that resonates with me because […]

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Do You Need LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

The short answer to this question is “probably not.” You may have noticed that LinkedIn, with the infinite wisdom that social media channels possess, has done away with the product and services tab on its Company Pages. If you are a small business who carefully crafted your product pages, complete with descriptions, images and videos, […]

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Content & Branding: Find Your Voice

Below is the Keynote presentation on content creation and branding that I did for the #Strategy2014 Social Media Conference, presented by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce and Our Valley Events. It’s just the slides, but if you were there, it will hopefully make sense! Thanks to all of the sponsors who helped make the […]

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Content Marketing Science

The geek in me loves this. Yes, there’s no doubt about which side of my brain is in control, but I love a good scientific approach every now and then. One of my Twitter friends shared this (thank you, Gary!) and since the author was kind enough to supply the embed code, I had to […]

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Diamond tiara

A PR Lesson from Miss America

I admit it. I watched the Miss America pageant. I also admit that I started another article titled, “Bedazzle Your Brand,” but I decided to punt on that one. I found a great PR lesson in Miss New York’s win. She has beauty, talent (which was certainly questionable with a few of the other contestants) […]

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Closing the Brand Advocacy Gap

I had the pleasure of hearing Nichole Kelly, author of How to Measure Social Media, speak on Social Media ROI at the Y’all Connect Conference in Birmingham, Alabama yesterday and forwarded an article to her on Twitter about integrating a Word of Mouth Index (WoMI) with the Net Promoter Score, which she had discussed. Net […]

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My Mother is a Social Media Expert

After a phone conversation with my mother the other day, it hit me like a ton of bricks – she taught me everything I need to know about social media! In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some things I’ve heard her say over the years that have stuck with me and can be applied […]

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Webinars: Not Just for Learning

I attended a webinar yesterday and was compelled to write this post after realizing that much of what I came away with had nothing to do with what the hosts shared. It had more to do with the community of like-minded people who were participating along with me. One of the things I find interesting about […]

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Telemarketing Smoke & Mirrors

Have you ever attended a webinar? They can be a great educational tool. I participated in a webinar last week and when I registered, I gave my email address and my phone number, which is standard procedure. (Sponsoring a webinar can be a good lead generation activity for businesses.) It’s important to note that my […]

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