Photo Karma

Simply put, this page exists because my husband gave me a camera one Christmas.

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. My trusty 5 megapixel digital camera that I bought on eBay worked just fine until I got an iPhone. I took both on my honeymoon and needless to say, the phone was used most often. I guess hubby thought I should have a “real” digital camera? At any rate, the gift was a wonderful surprise and it has allowed me to see the world through a new lens. Literally.

So, I decided to have an area where I can showcase some of my favorite photos and share my newest official hobby… which is quickly becoming a sideline passion. A few of the photos were shot for clients, but most are just for personal enjoyment. I hope you enjoy them and that at least one makes you smile and want to share it with someone…that’s Good Photo Karma!


“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson